Sho Madjozi and Trevor Stuurman tell us what to expect from One Source Live


The creatives were revealed to media and guests in attendance at the launch in a short video titled Africa On Fire.

Making it into the team is two of South Africa’s best, Sho Madjozi represented as “The Rain Queen” in the spectacular video, and Trevor Stuurman who takes on the role of “The Explorer”.

Watch the video here:


Speaking to The Juice multimedia visual artist Trevor says his contribution to the event will be his multitude of skills. “In terms of my contribution I’m a multi-disciplinary visual artist, and what I bring to the table is just that. It’s multi-collaborative skills that allow me to tell authentic African stories from an honest and a sensitive place.”


As the only woman on the team, musician Sho Madjozi says that’s the first thing that sets her apart from the rest of the crew. “I also represent a real-life South African dynasty – the Rain Queens are real, they come from Limpopo. I wish more people knew more about them. It’s so amazing to be somebody who gets to actually play that and put them out there.”

The rapper counts being part of this project as a major highlight in her career so far. “I’m always saying my life is a movie, and now it literally is.”


Talking about what fans should expect from the big day, Native VML CEO Jason Xenopoulos tells us that One Source Live will be a celebration of African creativity. “It’s a one-day festival of African creativity. It’s a combination of music, art and fashion, and we’re going to combine those things into a participative, collaborative environment like the country and the continent has never seen before.”